Inner Cyrkle

The Inner Cyrkle played the Paddock Night Club in Ocean City, MD in 1969,1970,1972. They also played Ventuno 21 and Fran O'Brien's Anthony House (Washington, DC), Club Venus, Hoffmans, Keystone Inn, Golden Ring Inn, and many other venues up and down the east coast, from Connecticut to Florida.


Inner Cyrkle (circa 1969)
Clockwise from lower left: Eddie Wockenfuss (keyboard); Donald Price (bass); Phil "Butch" Hanes (vocal); Doug Lewis (guitar); John Sankonis (drums). In addition to those pictured, the band also included at various times: Tony "Junior" Gruebel (guitar); Frank Fertida (trumpet); Chuck Klapka (sax).

Inner Cyrkle (1969 )
L to R: Tony Gruebel (guitar), Phil Hanes (vocal), Don Price (bass), Eddie Wockenfuss (keyboard), John Sankonis, kneeling (drums)

Inner Cyrkle (1970)
L to R: , Don Price (bass), John Sankonis, (drums), Phil Hanes (vocal), Eddie Wockenfuss (keyboard), Doug Lewis (guitar, vocals)

Inner Cyrkle (circa?)

Inner Cyrkle w/Phil Hanes (sometime in the '70s)


In the summer of 2003 the InnerCyrkle got together for a reunion, with the help of some musical friends. Following are some pictures of that event (thanks to Eddie Wockenfuss and John Sankonis).

2003 Reunion Photo 1
Left to right: Don Price, John Sankonis, Doug Lewis, Tony (Jr.) Gruebel, Eddie Wockenfuss.

2003 Reunion Photo 2
Standing from left: Eddie Wockenfuss & John Sankonis Sitting from left: Doug Lewis & Don Price

2003 Reunion Photo 3
John Sankonis (Drums) Eddie Wockenfuss (Keyboards)

2003 Reunion Photo 4
John & Eddie singing.

2003 Reunion Photo 5
Doug, Tony (Jr.), & John

2003 Reunion Photo 6
Tony (Jr.) guitar & Marty Fisher on drums.

2003 Reunion Photo 7
From left: Tony (Jr.), Don, Doug & John

2003 Reunion Photo 8
From left: Don Price, Buckey, John Sankonis, Doug Lewis, Tony Grueble/Marty Fisher, Eddie Wockenfuss & Ray Morgan.

2003 Reunion Photo 9
Jim Sowder (sax), Doug Lewis (guitar), John Sankonis (vocals) & Marty Fisher (drums).


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