It was a blast!

4th gathering of Baltimore musicians and their guests.

Held At:
Bobby B's Palace & Supper Club
(formerly Hoffmans)
2132 Turkey Point Rd. - Near Rt. 702 & Eastern Blvd.
Baltimore, Maryland 21221 • 410-687-8838

Some of the Bands Represented:

Admirals | Al Hoffman/Charades | A Touch of Grey | Barry G.("Mr. Blue-eyed Soul") | Bob Grimm | Boss Company/Soul Revue Trio | Capris | Celebration | Delmonicos | Del Rays | Dryed Ice | Dynamics | Echoes | Elegants | Expression | Hank Levy Band | Inner Crykle | King Solomon's Minds | Lafayettes | Light | Majestics | Morgan's Pirates | Nomads | Pen Lucy | Poker Chips | Progressions | Ravons | Rockin Airs | Shades | Taste | Tempests | Tommy & the Artelles | Upsetters

Al Crawford

Bernie Robier

Bob Grimm

Don Lehnhoff

Joe Vaccarino

Randolph Fillmore

We call these musical get-togethers a Jam Session because at a jam session it doesn't matter who is who, who knows who, who did what, who is doing what or who plans to do what. All that matters is who shows up. It's not a performance and not a show. Everybody buys a ticket and comes to play... for each other. There are no rankings, no preferences and no privileges.




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