The Majestics

The Majestics @ Towsontown Jr. High, circa 1966
L to R: Bob Sutton, Rex Little, Larry Schumacher, Ray DeMoss, Don Lehnhoff, Mike Hodgeman

The Majestics - 1970. What a group! Doesn't this picture look like a costume pitch for "That '70s Show?"

The Majestics - 1973
(Front to Back & Left to Right) Front: John Mancini, Mike Foreman / Middle: Don Armstrong, Mike Cobler, Glen Hyde / Back: Steve Kanis, Bill Whitelock, Mike Miller

The Majestics - Undressed
(L to R): Doug Bull, Bill Kalkman, Paul Cridler, Bill Selway, John Armstrong, Don Armstrong, Bill Whitelock, Mike Foreman, Glen Hyde

The Majestics - circa 1965
This photo was taken in the basement of one of the members. Left to Right: (kneeling) Larry Schumacher, Duke Gore; (standing) Ray DeMoss, Frank Invernizzi, Jim Cosby, Don Lehnhoff, Bill Whitelock, Rex Little, Bob Sutton, Denny Picasso.

Majestics Unity Hall Poster #1

Majestics Unity Hall Poster #2

The Current Majestics - online.

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