Lee Case

Baltimore's "Morning Mayor"

We received this rememberance of Lee Case from his colleague and former Baltimore DJ, Paul Rodgers.

I worked with Lee for the four years I did Afternoon Drive on WCBM. Lee was among the best morning men I've ever heard. He was not overly funny (though when he did crack wise it was classic). His great strength was that he knew everything about Baltimore, including where it was all located, When Lee talked about something that was happening in Baltimore, listeners instinctively sensed that he knew what it was, where it was, and who was involved. He was also a very fine man.

I found a page on Lee at UltimateOldiesRadio.com that outlines his career pretty well. The photo of Lee on this page is borrowed from there as well.

[NOTE: According to Lee's family there are many inaccuracies in the above website account. They are working to correct the record and post more factual information here. With the family's permission we will forward the corrected version to ultimateoldiesradio.com.]

This photo is compliments of Lee's grandson, Matt Bellingham. It's a pair of "socks" that Lee used to give away at the various Sock Hops he promoted.

Lee Case promotional socks

Lee Case

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