Paul Rodgers

When WCAO DJ, Paul Rodgers, declared himself "EMPEROR RODGERS" he promised his loyal followers [Rodgers' Royal Commandos: he offered them membership in his new kingdom.] that he would flood the Eastern Shore of Maryland and turn it into a giant skating rink. The last time I checked this had not been accomplished, but that didn't hurt his popularity any ... and there's still time.

April 17, 2009 - Paul found our website and provided this brief history of how he (and friend Kerby Scott) got into radio.

In June of 1958 I came home from my FR year in college (Gettysburg) having listened to WCAO for the preceding eight months. They were among about ten US stations that were the forerunners of Top Forty Radio (“DJ’s play hit records and say funny stuff”). We had nothing like that in Williamsport, PA when I was in high school, but upon arriving back home I was told, “there’s a new radio station in town, and they’re playing ‘our’ music.”

I found the station on my car radio, and Kerby Confer (Scott) was on the air. He was a year behind me in HS and we had been friends – and done some stage shows – since eighth grade.  Also, I was the bass singer in a doo-wop group when I was in HS – The Five Sharps. We stunk, but others told us we were pretty good. I can still sing a mean bass run!

I went to the station – 6PM, June 5, 1958 – went in, saw Kerb and said, “this looks like real fun.” He said, “It is, and we need an announcer. Why don’t you audition for the job?” I went to WMPT the next morning and auditioned, and was hired - .85c/hour. June 6, 1958. The first record I played on the radio was “I Wonder Why” by Dion and The Belmonts – and I’ve been wondering why ever since!

Within six months Kerb and I made a vow that we’d own a radio station together someday. By age 23 (1963) I was the Morning Man (and Emperor!!!) on the #1 station in the 12th market in the US, and I got Kerby his job there in March of ’64. From 1975 thru 1988 we owned and operated over fifty of them together, all over the eastern and southern US. What a kick it was for me to be in the ‘big city’ and experience all that it had to offer. Including getting acquainted with all of you young –n and VERY GOOD – musicians. God, how I love radio!

I loved, and still love, Baltimore. Love it, love it, love it! And its people. Kerby still lives in Baltimore.


A print ad for a lineup of Paul Rodgers' enterprise.


Paul Roberts
Paul "Roberts" at WSBA in York, PA, 1960

Paul in a fairly recent photo, visiting with one of his very good friends.

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