Radio was critical to the popularity of the music and the bands that played it ... much more than today. DJs hosted gigs and personal appearances and brought along their favorite bands to play.

I once told a DJ who wanted to sit in on drums that, "all DJs want to be musicians." He replied that, "all musicians want to be DJs." I think there's an element of truth in both those statements.


There was one local focus for our generation of music on TV and that was Buddy Deane.


Posters for gigs and venues were everywhere, and most followed a certain style. We also have some examples of ads and stories of the day.

Our collection here is small. While we don't look to be an extensive resource for 1960s Baltimore media, we certainly have room for more information as it relates to our bands and music. If you have a contribution, you're welcome to submit it via our Contact page.

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