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Mitch Ryder Show “Baltimore Band”

In the fall of 1966, Mitch Ryder broke with the Detroit Wheels and formed a 10-piece back-up band in the style of Wilson Pickett and others. His management team put out the call to Baltimore DJ, Paul Rodgers, to invite bands to audition. The result was 5 musicians from the Majestics and Princetons hired for the Mitch Ryder Show: Bob Shipley-sax, Don Lehnhoff-trombone, Frank Invernizzi-organ, Jimmy Loomis-sax, Jimmy Wilson-trumpet.

Mitch Ryder Baltimore Band in rehearsal, 50th & Broadway above the Club Cheetah, NYC

2nd floor studio above Club Cheetah - 50th & Broadway, NY, NY

Unidentified people standing in back.
MUSICIANS (clockwise from front left): Don Lehnhoff, trombone; Andy Dio, trumpet; Jimmy Wilson, trumpet; John Siomis, drums; Frank Invernezzi, organ; Bob Slawson, rhythm guitar; Unknown (Italian guy, can't remember his name), lead guitar; Bob Shipley, sax; Jim Loomis, sax; Mitch Ryder, standing at mic; Jaime Rogers, choreographer (seated)

JIMMY WILSON, trumpet - Baltimore, MD - Princetons

ANDY DIO, trumpet - Miami, FL - Wayne Cochran & the C.C. Riders

DON LEHNHOFF, trombone - Baltimore, MD - Poker Chips, Dynamics, Majestics

JOHN SIOMIS, drums - Chicago, IL- Chicago Loop (later Music and Peter Frampton)

FRANK INVERNIZZI, B3 organ - Baltimore, MD - Majestics

BOB SLAWSON, rhythm guitar - Chicago, IL - Chicago Loop

JOHNNY UNKNOWN, lead guitar - New York, NY - Joey Dee & the Starlighters

BOB SHIPLEY, tenor sax - Baltimore, MD - Princetons

JIM LOOMIS, tenor sax - Baltimore, MD - Chaun-Tels, Tommy Vann & the Echoes, Majestics

April 1967

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[Photos courtesy of George Shuba Photography]

L to R: L to R: Jimmy Wilson (trumpet), Andy Dio (trumpet), Chuck Alder (bass), Don Lehnhoff (trombone), Mike Maniscalco (guitar), Bob Shipley (tenor sax), Mitch Ryder (vocals), Jimmy Loomis (tenor sax)
Mitch Ryder Show, Cleveland Arena, Cleveland OH, April 1967

L to R: Jimmy Wilson (trumpet), Andy Dio (trumpet), Don Lehnhoff (trombone), Chuck Alder (bass), John Siomis (drums), Frank Invernizzi (organ), Mitch Ryder (vocals), Bob Shipley (tenor sax), 1/2 Jimmy Loomis (tenor sax)
Mitch Ryder Show, Cleveland Arena, Cleveland OH, April 1967

L to R: Don Lehnhoff (trombone), Andy Dio (trumpet), Mitch Ryder (vocals), Chuck Alder (bass), Frank Invernizzi (organ), John Siomis (drums), Mike Maniscalco (guitar), Jimmy Loomis (tenor sax)

Murray the K poster 1960

BAND MEMBERS: Doug Rodriguez, guitar; ?, bass; John Siomis, drums; Frank Invernizzi, keyboard; J.D., trombone; Bob Shipley, tenor; Andy Dio, trumpet; Jim Loomis, tenor.

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