The Progressions

Progressions at their very first professional gig.
L to R: Carl Brooks, Rick Peters, Walt Bailey, Skip Herbert, Lou Myers

L to R: Rick Peters, Dan Brewer, Carl Brooks, Skip Herbert, Walt Bailey

The Progressions (as they appeared at Judges)
L to R: Skip Herbert, Carl Brooks, Ricky Peters, Trudy Morgal, Walt Bailey

The Progressions band card


"The Love Train"
(A Side)

"What I Gotta Do To Satisfy You"
(B Side).

These songs were recorded and released (regionally) in 1966 on the Scepter label. The band was as follows: Rick Peters (Vocals, Drums), Trudy Morgal (Vocals, Drums), Walt Bailey (Bass, Harmony vocals on "The Love Train"), Skip Herbert (Lead Guitar), Carl Brooks (Rhythm Guitar, Keys). The songs were produced by Tommy Kaye with session man Hugh McCraken on Guitar and Harmonica.

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