The Rockin' Airs

My name is Bill Antkowiak. I am one of the original Rockin’ Airs. Our band formed in 1960 or 1961. I am enclosing 2 pictures—one and a second with some new members. This first picture of the original group was taken in 1961 or 1962. It is from a poster from the “Battle of the Bands” at the Hollywood Park Night Club in Essex, Maryland. This was a monthly occurrence at the Club.

The Rockin'Airs, 1961
Bill Antkowiak, guitar; George Larsen, accordian; Joe Woika, bass; Gordon Cramer. sax; John Barfield, vocalist and Frank Cramer, drums.

Most of our engagements were with teen centers and Catholic Youth Organizations. We were in a monthly rotation at the Hamilton Recreation for some time. We played several “Record Hops” with one of the local DJ’s, Jack Gale from WITH. We were in the Buddy Dean “Battle of the Bands where we finished in the finals.

The Rockin'Airs, 1964
Jerry Kaminski, keyboard; Bill Antkowiak, guitar; John Barfield, vocalist; Joe Woika, bass; Rudy DiAntoni, sax; Bert Zimmerman, drums and Joe Primavera, sax.

The Rockin' Aires (date unknown, name spelled differently)
Rudy D'Antoni (sax), Joe Sanzone (lead guitar), others unknown

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