The Stratfords

(...recollections of Ernie Berger.)

Jim Kelly started the Stratfords in 1963, with Ernie Berger on electric piano and Joe Blizzard on drums. When that band dissolved, Kelly carried the Stratfords forward with new personnel.

The first Stratfords recorded 3 singles for O'Dell Records: Never Leave Me / Enaj; Two Lovers / Crosstown; Really Need Your Love / Night Train.

This photo shows Berger and Blizzard recording "Really Need Your Love" at Recordings Inc. on Cold Spring Lane, 1964.

The Stratfords in the recording studio

The 2nd generation Stratfords also recorded two singles for O'Dell: A Fool And His Girl / Tossin' and Turnin'; Throw Stones / Where Is She Now.

The Stratfords band card

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