Judges Musical Lounge

[Story of Judge's based on information provided.]

Judge's was founded, owned and operated hands-on by Lee Schroeder and his two brothers, Emory and Eddie Schroeder (all now deceased ).

Housed in a large 3-story building on the corner of Greenmount Ave. and 33rd St., Judge's was known for its great staff, great atmosphere, and some of the best music in the city: The Progressions, Light, Touch, Taste, The Koffee Beans, Pen Lucy, Dryed Ice.

Judges was named for Lee Schroeder's late  father, who was once a well known Judge in Baltimore City. As a young man, Judge Schroeder had been a circus performer with "The Ringling Bros Circus," along with his brother--billed as "The Schroeder Brother's" or "Weary And The Kid." That explains the paradoxical pairing of judicial name with flamboyant circus decor. The Schroeders knew how to put on a show.

The bandstand, complete with blinking colored lights in the floor, was located in the "center ring" right in the middle of the bar. Raised tables along the bar, a wedge dance floor accessible by stairway, all contributed to the circus vibe.

On summer Sunday afternoons, local sports commentator "Benny the Fan" broadcast his radio show from the lower level of Judges.




Judges matchbook

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