The Vibra Tones

Information provided by Ned O'Byrne.

1957-1961 The Vibra Tones. There are three rehersal posed shots and a gig at Sacred Heart Parish CYO. The members of the group were: Al Gunzelman,  guitar - Pat Klevenow, drums - Ned O'Byrne, guitat/bass -  Vince Bankowski, sax -  Russ McKay  and  Ron Cucina, vocals

These photos are circa 1959:

The Vibra Tones 1

The Vibra Tones 2

The Vibra Tones 3

The Vibra Tones 4

This photo below is very interesting as it shows a stage full of many of the young performers of Baltimore in 1959. The stage is the Mergenthaler H.S. auditorium and the event was the WCBM Radio Talentsville USA contest, sponsored also by Coca Cola. The performances included singers, dancers and other talents, as well as bands. The two bands kneeling are the Poker Chips (dark coats and Colonel Sanders bow ties) and the Vibra Tones (white pants). The two tall young men standing in dark suits and cross ties are the Picarelli Brothers, a well known Baltimore duo who sang in an Everly Brothers style. This is a great historical example of the kinds of venues and opportunities available at the time, that fostered the explosion of young Baltimore musicians and entertainers. If you can identify any of the other people on stage, please send us the info and we'll add it here.
WCBM Talentsville USA performers

The Vibra Tones 1960
Taken on the campus of Towson State Teachers College.
top three, L-T: Vince Bankoski (sax), Buzzy Herman (cornet), Allen Gunzelman (guitar)
bottom three: Ned O'Byrne (bass), Ron Cucina (vocals), Pat Klevenow (drums).


Vibra Tones band card

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