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A video documentary is still in the works - the subject is the music scene in Baltimore in the 1960s, by Joe Vaccarino, and videographer Terry Williams. They have High Definition interview and performance footage of Tommy Vann, Milt Dugger, Ronnie Dove, The Lafayettes and others.

The project is in serious need of existing home movies any of you may have or know about...home movies that somehow relate to music in Baltimore in the '60s. Primarily this would be personal home movies that might include footage taken at a school dance, or a teen center, or a band rehearsal...even general family home movies that depict the times; childhood shots of someone who went on to eventually make a contribution to music - great or small - in Baltimore in the '60s.

If you have it, the project would like to take a look at it. If you have or know of any movies, of any format, taken in or around Baltimore in the '50s-'60s that depict anything having to do with the people or the places where Rock n' Roll, R & B or Pop music were created or enjoyed, please contact Joe Vaccarino.

Joe Vaccarino

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