L to R: Brooke Meade-guitar, Ray Brokamp-keyboard, Sterling Spell-bass, Dale Rorer-sax, Jimmy Slebzak-sax, Gary Ellinger-drums.(circa 1967)

Avalons, Sparrows Point Beach, 1965
L to R: Brooke Meade-guitar, Joe Sembly-vocal, Jimmy Slebzak-sax, Ed Dove-sax.

“You’re a Thousand Mile Away"
by the Heartbeats (circa. 1965)
Avalons performing for a “Basketball Blast” at St. Mary’s High School.

AVALONS REUNION (January 31, 2009)
(notes from Ed Dove, sax):
On January 31, 2009 the AVALONS reunited for a Jam Session at my house after forty years! What a Blast! See this group photo of the event!

Catch a slide show at the bottom of Brooke Meade’s Web Site (www.basicministriesmusic.com) and check out his stories on the site about the Vikings and Avalons.

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