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2 Guys From Parkville ...

In 2000, life-long friends Don Lehnhoff and Randy Fillmore caught up with each other after about 15 years. Having played in many bands together, from classical to R&B, they thought it would be a blast to get together with the musicians they used to work with and have a “reunion” of sorts … one centered around playing music. The result was the first ’60s Baltimore R&B Jam held June 15 and 16, 2001 at Stingers Bar and the old Alcazar.

That could have been (and perhaps should have been) the end of it, but from the small circle of contacts that Don and Randy could muster the word spread, and continued to spread after the Jam was over. There was a growing desire to do it again for the musicians who learned of it after the fact … so there was Jam2 on June 14 and 15 of 2002, at Stingers and Overlea Hall.

The whole "BaltimoreJam" thing has evolved into this website, a blog and a Facebook Group where musicians can keep in touch. The entire "enterprise" is volunteer and non-profit. It exists strictly for the music and the history, and the absence of ads and profit precludes any doubt about that.

The bands represented here have provided content for us to post. If there's a band you'd like to see included, send us their story and some photos. We do not pretend to be a complete catalog of all bands - for that, I suggest you get a copy of Baltimore Sounds, Joe Vaccarino's fantastic book.






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