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If it was the last time, we certainly went out in style! — 369 musicians, family and friends


Was it the last time ...?

The energy that sparks each Jam comes from the "first-timers." Each time we've done it, there has been a new core group of musicians who have discovered it, jumped in with both feet, and breathed life into it. After 5 events over the past 13 years, two volumes of Joe Vaccarino's "Baltimore Sounds" book, years of Don Barto's Baltimore Bands Facebook Group (1,589 members and counting), and a record crowd at this most recent Jam at Padonia Station, there are very few first-timers left to uncover. It's possible that our work here is done.

Reuniting wth friends and music — that's what it's all about.


Player Roster & Best Video

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The Jam5 Poster, designed by Todd of T&T Designs, is an homage to the classic Globe poster. These posters are available for purchase through Chess Communications (not sold online).

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poster for the J512 Baltimore Jam at Padonia station



  • Don Lehnhoff
  • Randy Fillmore
  • Joe Vaccarino
  • Scott Jordan
  • Don Barto
  • Jon Charles
  • Ashton Fletcher
  • Al Crawford

WITH GREAT APPRECIATION, for many reasons:

  • Al "Whitey" Ridgely
  • Barry Karow
  • Chauncey Harris
  • Dave Strickler
  • Debi Fowler
  • Erica Lehnhoff
  • George Reeder
  • Jack Griffin
  • Jere Stermer
  • Karen Steelman
  • Ned O'Byrne
  • Ralph Tucker
  • Ray Morgan
  • Rody Barthelmes
  • Tony Montone
  • Walt Bailey
  • Warren Cherry

Everyone at Padonia Station was first class to work with, from top to bottom. They were true partners in making Jam 5 happen, and that was something pretty special. I can't thank them enough.

Any list of this nature is bound to leave somebody out. If it were my personal list I would include a lot of people, family and friends, who made my day just by showing up to say hello. If it's your list, you probably have some names you would add. So I'd like to acknowledge every single person who came, to play or to listen or to support the cause - and a special thank you to all the kids who came, and to their parents and grandparents for bringing them. There's nothing like children dancing to our music to breath life into what might otherwise be an old folks party, and thereby breathing a little life into us all.

This is a Jam Session. At a jam session it doesn't matter who is who; all that matters is who shows up. It's a performance but not a show. Everybody pays their way and comes to play... for each other. No preferences and no privileges.


Performance Schedule

  • 1:00 - Celebration
  • 1:30 - Dryed Ice
  • 2:00 - Vibra Tones
  • 2:30 - Del Rays
  • 3:00 - The Majestics
  • 3:30 - Freelancers
  • 4:00 - J512 BIG Band, featuring:
    - Warren Cherry
    - Phil Hanes
    - Karen Steelman
    - Ray Morgan
  • 5:00 - Legend
  • 5:30 - Phil Hanes w/Boss Band
  • 6:00 - Chaun-Tels
  • 6:30 - Hot Ratz


Ustream graphic link

Intermission Playlist
If there had been down time between performances to play recorded music, this is what would have been played.

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