Frank & the Fugitives

A Gig Poster
from 1965 for a joint appearance at Rockaway Beach by Tommy Vann and "His Fabulous" Echoes ("Maryland's Top Band") and Frank and the Fugitives ("Baltimore's Hottest New Group")

The Fugitives went through several interations over the years. The following music is by The Fugitive 6.

Fugitive 6 - "Betrayed"

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An earlier version of the Fugitives.

[per Gary Chalmers]
From left to right: standing Tom Carson, vocal; seated Tim Boone, keyboard,and Hammond B3, arm wrestling with...; John Armetta, Bass; standing Gary Chalmers (me) and standing behind me Don McCleary aka Deats, guitar. This pic was taken in the back stage room of the Mardi Gras night club, Harford Rd. in the mid to late 1960's.

The Fugitives

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