A Short “JOY” History
by Larry Simpkins

The best I can remember, “Al Rossi and “JOY” first met as a group in 1971 at the Golden 40 Nightclub near Joppatowne. The original members of the group being Al Rossi (saxophones), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Dottie Tim (Hammond organ) and Bill Mojica (drums).

Shortly after, we began a long lasting stint of close to 8 years at the Golden Horn Nightclub in the Loch Raven Shopping Center. Less than a year after the group formed we added Denny Weston (bass) to the group.

Bill DeLoach (organ) and Paul Wilson (drums) were at that time both working with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons but were considering moving back to the Baltimore area. Al signed them both, and the group then consisted of Al Rossi (saxophones), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Bill Deloach (keyboards), Denny Weston (bass) and Paul Wilson (drums). Denny Weston left the group in 1975 and was replaced by Eddie DiMarino (bass).

Others who joined the group in various phases were Larry Keighley (drums), Barbara Riehl (vocals,flute), Vernon Smith (drums), Joe Ercole (keyboards) and Bobby Peters (bass).

Al Rossi left the group in 1979, and the remaining members of “JOY” , Bill DeLoach, (keyboards), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Joe Ercole (keyboards), Bobby Peters (bass) and Paul Wilson (drums) recorded a few originals and played in the Baltimore area until disbanding in 1980. It was a good run.

===> UPDATE, 2/1/2017 <===
Eddie DiMarino is currently performing with the Righteous Brothers. Bill DeLoach is currently back with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

The Original Joy, 1972
L to R: Al Rossi (sax), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Dottie Tim (Hammond organ), Bill Mojica (drums)

Joy (circa 1975)
L to R: Larry Simpkins, Bill DeLoach, Denny Weston, Al Rossi, Paul Wilson

Joy (circa 1975-76)
L to R: Larry Simpkins (guitar), Al Rossi (saxes), Bill DeLoach (keyboards), Eddie DiMarino (bass), Paul Wilson (drums).

Joy (circa 1979-80)
Larry Simpkins, Bobby Peters, Joe Ercole, Paul Wilson, Bill DeLoach

Al Rossi & Joy,
live at the Golden Horn
(circa 1976)

Walk Away From Love
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Love Machine
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Joy, original music
recorded in a Silver Spring, MD studio
(circa 1979-80)

I Can't Take It click bar graphic

Fair Weather Love
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recorded at the Nightclub Babylon
(circa 1979-80)

Minute By Minute
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Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
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