The Lafayettes

An early posed shot.

The Lafayettes on stage.

Lee Bonner & Ben Proctor - 1966

The Lafayettes - 1968
(Left to Right): Lee Bonner, Ben Proctor, Chip Costa, Ed Macon, Bob Kirshner, Mike Foreman, Tom Carson

The Lafayettes - 1967
(Left to Right): Lee Bonner, Ben Proctor (out of sight), Chip Costa, Doug Bull, Ed Macon, Mike Foreman (taking picture), Tom Carson

Lafayettes drummer Ben Proctor with the legendary Gene Krupa.

The Lafayettes, THEN in 1962, and NOW, striking a similar pose at a reunion in 1988.

"Life's Too Short"


Baltimore Sun Article
July 28, 2003

Publicity Brochure,
The Lafayettes, 11 pages, mid-'60s.

Making the WWIN Top 40
for November 5, 1962

The Alcazar Hotel.
The Alcazar (2/2/63)
Immaculate Heart of Mary CYO.
St. Leo's CYO.
Mayo Beach Club...
mis-naming their hit, "Life Is Too Short"

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