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— info from Robert Rubino, September 2016

Jay Williamson was on keyboards, and his parents were the managers.  We had a tall thin guitarist named Herb who sang, a female vocalist named Joyce who was very good, and a full horn section.  Later we added 3 male vocalist. I played 2nd tenor sax.

We had a great trumpet player, I think his name was Bobbie Collier, and a great tenor sax player named Butch. We had a bass player named Bill and we went through several drummers.  We had a baritone sax and another trumpet player by the name of Ricky who also did vocals on a few songs like ‘Knock on Wood’.  We used to play at the Fort Meade Officers club a lot. We also played at Milford Mill Swim Club on Friday nights in the summer for the radio swim parties. We did a great rendition of "Heat Wave' with Joyce on vocals.




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