Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park was a great, and perhaps unlikely, place for music. If you were designing the next Carnegie Hall you would not design it like the Park, but if you were designing a place where the sound was totally present and the ambiance totally intimate for sharing a musical moment with great talent, Hollywood Park was right on.

Located at 23 Eastern Boulevard in Essex, Hollywood Park was distinctive for it's unadorned clapboard looks and unpaved parking lot. There was a 'package goods' or off-sale liquor store—just a narrow counter, really—attached to the front where you might see one of the Temptations picking up a 6-pack to take back to the hotel after their last show.

We have been able to find very little in the way of photos and documentation on Hollywood Park. If you have anything to contribute, please contact us.

Tommy Vann & the Echoes at Hollywood Park
Tommy Vann & the Echoes on stage at Hollywood Park
Tommy Vann & the Echoes on stage at Hollywood Park

Danny & the Elegants at Hollywood Park
Danny & the Elegants on stage at Hollywood park

Hollywood Park ad 1966

Hollywood Park

This is the only exterior photo of Hollywood Park that I know of. There may be others, but I haven't found them ... and I've looked. This comes from a promotional matchbook cover from the club, thanks to
Jack L. Cougle at the
Baltimore Bands Facebook Group.

The Park from an Earlier Time
New Year's Eve, 1958

(photo by Betty Marchetti, with thanks to James Hooper)

Leo's Hollywood Park

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